The most proficient MRI simulator 
platform in the world

Our software provides operators, students and
teachers with virtual MRI scanners

The most proficient MRI simulation platform in the world on your laptops

Often referred to as “the flight simulator of MRI”, Corsmed's MRI simulator lets both new and experienced users practice and improve their skills in a safe setting

A simulated MRI scanner in your laptop

Practicing and working with the software is just like running a real scanner.

Industry MRI software

Industry MRI software

Corsmed’s simulation software

Corsmed’s simulation software

Aligned with industry standard MRI

The practitioner selects a preferred scanner and chooses an anatomic model (a patient), then uses the same interface as on real scanners to set the slice positions, pulse sequence and its parameters. After running the simulated scan, the MRI simulator returns the same resulting images as on a real scanner, including noise and artefacts.

Train anywhere with any connected computer

The software is built as a web application and is reachable with any computer with an internet connection.

Students can keep working where they left off, from any computer

Everything online

Every user has their own unique profile and can keep working where they left off, no matter which computer they are at.

Unlimited scans for
all your users

There are no scan limits or restrictions once you have access to our software. All users are granted infinite amounts of scans.


Pre-loaded with experiments

A large range of guided experiments and lab work are included and any user-made experiment can be run.

Users running unlimited scans on their laptops

Fully featured
MRI simulations

Our software has been built to be a reliable substitute for current and future medical professionals to practice MRI scanning.

MRI simulations with all the features needed to practice

The platform features everything needed to provide a full training and practice experience

  • 1.5T and 3T scanners
  • Field of view, Matrix (resolution settings), Pixel values, Voxel relationships and -dimensions
  • Multiple pulse sequences, including Spin echo, Gradient echo, Balanced steady state free precession, Inversion recovery, Echo-planar imaging and Turbo spin echo
  • TR, TE, TI, RF, Flip angle and Bandwidth
  • SNR indicators, SNR monitoring, SAR and Scan percentage
  • Slice thickness, Slice gaps and Number of slices (volumes)

The only true MRI simulator on demand

MRI simulations on this level of sophistication usually requires expensive hardware and extensive knowledge in MR-physics, MR-simulations and software development. By providing the simulation hardware on cloud, combined with user-friendly interfaces, we are the only actor that can offer true simulations on demand.

The only true MRI simulator on demand

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