Our purpose

We believe that health is a cornerstone for quality life. Our cause is to improve health globally, so that everyone – everywhere – may live better and longer.

Our goal is to improve the health of everyone and everywhere

We push the technological frontier of medical imaging to ensure that it can be utilized to its full potential. We build the most proficient MRI simulation platform in the world – “The flight simulator of MRI”

Backed by research

Corsmed has a strong academic background, and was founded in 5 years of MR research from Lund University, Sweden. We conduct research on an ongoing basis, and share them here on our website.

MRI training for everyone

Our vision is to provide a simulated MR scanner for every student, teacher and operator, so that MRI will be used to its full potential, enabling better health for everyone.

Student training on Corsmed's MRI simulator

Management team

Corsmed Erik Jacobsson

Erik Jacobsson

Corsmed Christos Xanthis

Christos Xanthis

Board of directors
and advisors

Corsmed Erik Hedström

Erik Hedström
Associate Professor, MD, Ph.D.
Board of directors

Corsmed Mårten Öbrink

Mårten Öbrink
Board of directors

Corsmed Erik Larsson

Erik Larsson
Board of directors

Corsmed Anthony Aletras

Anthony Aletras
Professor, Ph.D., Director
Board of directors


Christina M.

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